Aerocamino Reserva Private Mezcal Tasting

We welcome you and your group to now fly private with our Aerocamino Reserva Private Mezcal Tasting. This experience highlights some of the world’s most unique small batched mezcals. Our in house Agave Spirits Expert, Stephen O’Halloran takes an educational approach to sharing his passion for this unique spirit.

Our Aerocamino Reserva Private Mezcal Tasting takes place on Thursdays from 5PM-6PM for groups between 8-14 guests. After the tasting your group is invited to try some of our delicious cocktails and unique cuisine. This tasting is fully prepaid at $40 a person. For questions, small group pricing, or special requests please reach out to

February, 14th, 2024


Join us for an exclusive night of tasting and education with agave expert and author David Suro. For decades David Suro sought to serve authentic Mexican spirits and show consumers the power of small-batch; he has accomplished this through brands such as Siembra Spirits and Cascahuin.

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